PS4: Sony’s PlayStation 4 Reveal, 6PM EST Feb. 20

Sony's “PlayStation 4” reveal, 6PM EST Feb. 20

Nintendo may have officially started off the “next generation” of home game consoles with the Wii U, but Sony is set to really get the hardware race going with the widely expected announcement of the PlayStation 4 at the “PlayStation Meeting” in New York City, starting at 6 PM Eastern on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

While there have been plenty of rumors surrounding Sony’s next home game system, nobody knows exactly what or how much information the company is set to reveal ahead of June’s E3 extravaganza (and an expected holiday season rollout for the hardware itself). Detailed tech specs and pricing options seem like a longshot, but be prepared for anything from announcements of new sequels and franchises to new control and distribution methods—and anything in between.