Drones Killing Innocent Pakistanis, U.N. Official Says

Drones Killing Innocent Pakistanis, U.N. Official Says

Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson just returned from the region, where he listened to residents talk about terrifying encounters with one of America’s weapons in the war on terror.

“Adult males carrying out ordinary daily tasks were frequently the victims of such strikes,” the statement from the U.N. office for human rights said.

Some Pashtun men dress the same as Taliban members from the same region, hence the drone operators mistake them for terror targets, the statement said. It is also customary for Pashtun men to carry a weapon, making them virtually indistinguishable from militants to an outsider.

The United States has 8,000 drones, unmanned planes and helicopters flown by a remote control. They are outfitted with a video camera to help the operator spot targets and often armed with weapons used to neutralize them.

Source: CNN

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