Obama’s “Organizing For Action” Pushing Illinois House To Legalize Gay Marriage

President Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action–the outgrowth of his re-election campaign–is jumping in the fight to legalize gay marriage in Illinois, on Tuesday sending an e-mail to Obama’s Illinois activists and supporters asking them to lobby Illinois House members to vote yes on the marriage bill, already passed by the Illinois Senate.

Obama already has urged the Illinois General Assembly to legalize gay marriage. Gov. Pat Quinn wants to sign a bill making Illinois the tenth state with gay marriage.

Last month, an Illinois House Committee advanced the bill to the full House floor, but so far the measure lacks the votes to pass the chamber, Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney reports.

This is the first attempt by OFA to get involved in an Illinois issue. The OFA, to have offices in Chicago and Washington was created to support the Obama agenda–and local issues that activists might want to work on.


Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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