Watch Jodi Arias’ Mom Revealing Daughter’s Mental State In Heartbreaking VIDEO

Were there signs that Jodi Arias was a ticking time bomb long before she admittedly killed her lover, Travis Alexander? Apparently there were. Plenty of them. In a newly released video of Jodi’s mother, Sandra, being interrogated by Arizona detectives, Jodi’s mom breaks down and says that, “Jodi has mental problems.” I really feel for Jodi’s mother.

Jodi has testified that her parents abused her when she was young, but much like Casey Anthony saying her father sexually abused her, at this point it’s hard to tell how reliable of a narrator Jodi is.

In the interrogation video, a detective tells Sandra Arias that the cops have plenty of evidence against Jodi in the murder of her boyfriend, Travis, but that Jodi won’t speak with them. Sandra, who clearly looks distressed, says:

I talked to her and she told me she was going to Utah and she came back and she was fine. So how could somebody — you say she did this — how could she come back and just be normal?

Good question, but if you’re a sociopath or have managed to compartmentalize what happened, or completely justify it, it’s certainly not out of the question for a person to act “normal” after killing someone. Sandra then weeps:

Jodi has mental problems. Jodi would freak out all the time. I had quite a few of her friends call me and tell me that I needed to get her some help. One called me in the middle of the night and told me that she needed help.

Clearly, Arias was unbalanced before the murder, which she has said was done in self-defense. The last thing an unstable person like Jodi needs is a tumultuous relationship like the one she had with Travis. I don’t know what happened in Jodi’s childhood, but looking at her mother, I feel bad for her. There’s only so much you can do to help your children, but did anyone talk to Jodi? Try to get her help? It sounds like Jodi and her mom didn’t even have a relationship, so there was likely nothing she could do.

Did Jodi appear to have mental problems when Travis met her? Have you noticed how when a woman is murdered by her partner, everyone says she must have chosen badly and ignored the “signs”? Odd I don’t hear this about Travis!

My guess is that if her friends were worried enough to call her mother, then they probably expressed their concern to Jodi too. But you can only help those who also want to help themselves.

Do you think if Jodi had gotten help this could have been avoided?

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