New York Post Repeatedly Misidentifies Boston Suspects

Authorities say they have photos of two men who are being sought in connection to the Boston marathon bombing, but they’re not the same two men on the cover of Thursday’s New York Post, which previously mis-reported that police had a Saudi national in custody as a suspect.

The Post explained that the photo comes from images police are circulating “in an attempt to identify the individuals highlighted therein,” but the front page headline exclaims: “BAG MEN, Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon.”

Sluths on Reddit, however, have apparently settled the matter, discovering the Facebook page of one of the men and individuals who claim to know the other, and neither appears to be the mysterious bombers.

The Post‘s latest comes immediately following a report of a Saudi national the paper said was being held as a “suspect” in the bombing. The man turned out to be a witness who was questioned about what he saw, and Boston police subsequently denied the report.

Source: The Raw Story

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