Google Aims To Bring Street View Imaging To Galapagos Islands

Google aims to bring Street View imaging to Galapagos Islands

Google wants to make it easier for you to virtually visit one of the world’s most famous remote animal-watching destinations, and the place that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

On Thursday, the Silicon Valley search engine giant announced it recently sent its Street View Trekker backpack camera system to the Galápagos Islands to capture panoramic images of the region’s sulfur mines, lava tunnels, lush forests and wondrous waters as well as the inimitable wildlife that calls this UNESCO World Heritage Site home.

The photos, which were snapped between May 6 and 17, will be available on Google Maps later this year.

Google Earth Outreach has collaborated with the Charles Darwin Foundation, a non-profit organization located in Galápagos off the coast of Ecuador in South America, whose mission is to preserve the region’s enchanting landscapes and species. (Google)