Greek Member Of Parliament Shouts ‘Heil Hitler’ During Session

A Greek member of parliament from the far-right party Golden Dawn is heard shouting ’Heil Hitler’ during an argument with members of the a far-left party, according to reports.

Here’s what’s thought to have happened: [Panayiotis] Iliopoulos, who had recently assaulted some immigrant vendors at an Athens port, got into an argument with members of Greece’s far-left Syriza party, whom he called “goats” and “filthy, scurrilous” people.

The parliament’s acting speaker, also a member of Syriza, asked Iliopoulos to leave. “Go away before we send you away,” he said, according to the Greek Reporter. As a scrum of Golden Dawn lawmakers filed out of the room, shouting angrily on the way out, “Heil Hitler” is audible at three different moments.

Washington Post

Reuters reports that Golden Dawn denies a neo-Nazi label though its emblem resembles the Swastika and there are published photographs of its supporters giving Nazi-style salutes.