Jodi Arias Prefers To Die Than To Spend Life In Prision. Click To Watch The Full Interview After Conviction Video HERE

Jodi Arias says she would rather receive the death penalty than a long prison sentence after she was convicted of first-degree murder Wednesday, calling death “the ultimate freedom.”
In an exclusive interview with, Arias says she was shocked by the verdict.
“I think I just went blank,” Arias said. “I just feel overwhelmed. I think I just need to take it a day at a time. It was unexpected for me. There was no premeditation on my part.”
Arias spent 18 days on the stand sharing intimate, emotional and oftentimes X-rated details of her life before a rapt television and online audience. She had hoped it all might convince a jury that she killed her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in self-defense.
However, the eight men and four women on the panel didn’t buy it, convicting Arias of first-degree murder after only about 15 hours of deliberations. Jurors will return to court Thursday to begin the next phase of the trial that could set the stage for Arias receiving a death sentence.
Arias says she would “prefer to die sooner than later,” rather than spending the rest of her days behind bars.

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