(VIDEO) Jodi Arias AP Interview – Jodi Arias gives jailhouse interviews as jury mulls execution

Jodi Arias gives jailhouse interviews as jury mulls execution, Jury deciding whether Arias should live or die for murder of former lover.

Jodi Arias: Death Penalty Would Cause More Pain

In a surprise jailhouse interview just hours after a jury began deliberating her fate, Jodi Arias spoke out Tuesday about her murder trial, her many fights with her legal team and her belief that she “deserves a second chance at freedom someday.”

Arias spoke to The Associated Press as part of a series of interviews with media outlets. She repeated many of her claims from previous interviews, testimony on the witness stand and her statements to the jury earlier Tuesday as she pleaded for mercy.

But she provided some new information about her case and how she believed her lawyers let her down by not calling more witnesses who could have bolstered her claims that she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Travis Alexander.