ZIMMERMAN TRIAL STARTS June 10th – LATEST: Trayvon’s Texts Reveal Fistfights, Eerie Warning FRIEND’S TEXT: DON’T GET SHOT

In an attempt to taint the jury pool, the Zimmerman defense team has gotten a hold of and has released photos and text taken from Trayvon’s mobile phone. Zimmerman and his team are doing their best to smear the memory of Trayvon and paint him as a hoodlum or gangster. Appalling but expected. The question is how did Zimmerman’s team get a hold of this material?

Read on, the trial starts JUNE 10, 2013. Watch it right here on LIVE NEWS CHAT TV. See you in the CHAT!

Here is the latest in the lead up to the trial:

Trayvon’s Texts Reveal Fistfights, Eerie TEXT: DON’T GET SHOT

George Zimmerman’s defense team is painting an unflattering picture of Trayvon Martin through his text messages, which it released yesterday—and they contain a haunting warning from a friend: “Boy don’t get one planted in ya chest,” the friend writes. The text came three months before Trayvon was shot, the Miami Herald reports. The same friend earlier said Trayvon was “turning into a lil hoodlum.” (“No not at all,” Trayvon replied.) In another text, Trayvon says he was suspended from school over fighting; later, he says he fought a friend who “snitched on me.” “I lost da 1st round 🙂 but won da 2nd nd 3rd,” he says.

In other texts, however, he suggests that he got in trouble for fights he wasn’t involved in. Several later messages appear to discuss getting a gun, with questions like “U got heat??” and a later question posed to him: “You want a 22 revolver?” The texts also contain discussions of marijuana; Trayvon gets called a “weedhead.”

The Orlando Sentinel has more on the defense’s argument for the evidence (for instance, it’s expected to argue that marijuana references are admissible because Zimmerman said in his 911 call that Trayvon was acting like he was high).

The judge will decide whether to allow the materials.

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