Rep. Michele Bachmann at Tea Party rally: ‘It is time to abolish the IRS and have every single American pay something’

Yeah, so you want all Americans to pay something, even those who can’t work, who aren’t able to find jobs, who have to take unemployment benefits due to either not being able to find a job or to supplement their horribly-paying job.

Here’s a novel idea, Bachmann. How about you and your party’s elected officials pay something. You and other legislators benefit from federally-issued healthcare that is better than anything offered outside of Washington. You get massive tax breaks for being rich. Millionaires and billionaires get to live lavishly and be rewarded for doing jack shit, while the middle class and the poor are working our asses off and have nothing to show for it.

I partly agree with you wanting everyone to pay something: how about start with yourself, you mindless blabber-mouth!

Republicans call the middle class and the poor “moochers.” Last time I checked, the rich are the ones who are getting fat off of the government’s teet. Realistically, Bachmann, ask yourself this: Who are the moochers? I would guarantee you, if you actually took the time to process this (as most Republicans do not), you would realize that you and the rich are the real “moochers” in America.

You and other Republicans scoff at people having to be on food stamps, calling President Obama the “food stamp President.” People wouldn’t have to be on food stamps and struggling to pay their bills if your party wasn’t so fucking fixated on the faux IRS scandal. You and your party refuse to listen to the American people on any issue, even issues you claim to have supported in the past.

You want all of us to “pay something?” How about you start it off!

[source: thepoliticalfreakshow]