Source: Patriots’ Aaron Hernandez likely to be arrested

New details surfaced late Wednesday night further tying Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez to the investigation of a homicide of a Boston man. Hernandez’s involvement in the case is significant enough that a source with knowledge of the investigation said that Hernandez’s arrest is likely. It is not yet known what he would be charged with.

On Thursday ABC News reported that a security system in Hernandez’s home, which included video surveillance, was smashed intentionally and a cell phone was handed over to police “in pieces” by Hernandez’s attorneys. A cleaning crew was seen leaving Hernandez’s home on Monday before the police searched the residence.
Boston’s Fox 25 News, citing an anonymous source, reported on Wednesday night that forensic evidence linked a vehicle driven by Aaron Hernandez at the crime scene. The television station also reported that Hernandez was with the homicide victim, Odin Lloyd, at a Boston bar the night of his death. A jogger found Lloyd’s body in an industrial park a mile from Hernandez’s North Attleboro, Mass., home on Monday.

The latest incident continues a pattern of Hernandez being associated with guns that began in college. uncovered two new incidents that Hernandez was associated with involving guns and police. Those incidents are in addition to his inclusion in a civil lawsuit by a man who claims Hernandez shot him and that led to the loss of his eye.

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