The End Is Near For Dexter. Watch Dexter Season Finale Live Next Sunday June 30 @ 9/8c

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Watch Dexter final season eight on SHOWTIME june 30 at 9pm online free live streaming

β€œTwo years ago we arced out the last two years, but the biggest challenge was to make sure that we evolve Dexter, and that we wrote great scripts, and that we got it right. And we all sort of knew in advance that this was an awesome responsibility and something that we all felt had to be done right. But I don’t think any of us anticipated as we got down to what I call β€˜the final three’ how that pressure would come to bear of just realizing how we had to get it right. We have now finished the last script, and I am tremendously proud…and the script is one of the best scripts in the Dexter canon, so now we just have to execute it and go about finishing it.”

β€” Sara Colleton

I just hope that Dexter don’t end like Death Note.