‘Sharknado’ Dismissed As ‘Fantasy’ By Real-Life Shark Experts Who Will Be Ill-Prepared For Shark-Filled Tornadoes

‘Sharknado’ dismissed as ‘fantasy’ by real-life shark experts who will be ill-prepared for shark-filled tornadoes

Acknowledging nobody really thinks sharks can be picked up by a tornado and attack people from above, amused shark experts want to set the record straight in the wake of Sharknado, a TV movie about airborne sharks unleashed on Los Angeles.

“This is fantasy at its best,” said George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research. “That’s why it’s on the Syfy network. Folks need to remember that.”

Mr. Burgess, who manages the International Shark Attack File, said there is “not a chance” a tornado tossing sharks through the air could happen in real life. However, he did acknowledge that waterspouts, tornados over water, have occasionally been known to suck up fish and deposit them elsewhere. (AP Photo/Syfy)