Statistician, blogger Nate Silver and ‘The Great’ Keith Olbermann to join ESPN

The New York Times is reporting that Nate Silver is leaving The Times to join ESPN.

Olbermann said he was excited about ‘fresh start’ in return to ESPN. “He didn’t burn bridges here,” ESPN vice president of corporate communications Mike Soltys famously once told USA Today about Keith Olbermann. “He napalmed them.”

“I appreciate the fresh start,” Olbermann said on a conference call on Wednesday afternoon. “I am excited about this chance to put a different ending on the story of my relationship with ESPN. We are indelibly intertwined and I know we can’t go back and undo everything that happened many years ago in those environs, but I would like to do my best to correct as much of it as I can and I appreciate the fresh start.”

Silver, 35, is the statistician who gained fame for devising algorithms that accurately predicted the 2008 and 2012 presidential races. He is taking his FiveThirtyEight Blog to ESPN, where he will have a prominent role on the new Keith Olbermann show and also appear on ABC News during election cycles, according to Brian Stelter at TheNew York Times.

The Times brought in Silver and FiveThirtyEight in August 2010, but that contract is expiring.

Statistician, blogger Nate Silver to join ESPN along with Keith Olbermann