The George Zimmerman Fake Rescue – Why the George Zimmerman SUV Rescue Story is a Joke, Setup & Fake

The George Zimmerman Fake Rescue Story

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Very interesting timing on this ZIMMYHERO story, don’t you think?

I believe George Zimmerman and his attorneys are trolling you, and the media, to make himself look good and get his image as a hero into the ether.

Why is the George Zimmerman SUV Rescue Story a Joke, Setup & Fake?

– First I’ll admit, George isn’t smart enough to come up with this hair-brained scheme. It had to be O’mara & West. They want to get paid, fixing Zimmerman’s image will help them get all the money they are owed.

Zimmy is suppose to be ‘in hiding’. That’s what they say, ‘the most hated man in America’?.

– He suddenly appears out of nowhere? Anyone hear of a police scanner, or a C mother-fucking B LOL (CB = Citizens band use by truckers!). Getting out of his truck SuperZimmy? Was he even there? I hope he’s okay!

– The police confirmed it? We already know the Po Po are in the bag for Zimmy since the start. Whatever on that source.

How much corruption is their in Sanford? We need Serpico on this one.

P.S. Also, when does the George Zimmerman show start on Fox News? He should start speaking at the NRA too. He must need the cash to payoff HO’mara & Skelletor Man.

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