Chobani Recall 2013: Yogurt Cups Pulled From Stores Due To Mold Concerns

Chobani Recall 2013- Yogurt Cups Pulled From Stores Due To Mold Concerns

UPDATE: Chobani issued an official recall on some of the yogurt cups affected by mold on Thursday morning, after saying they would not be conducting a recall. On Wednesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it was investigating the matter following days of complaints from customers who said that affected Chobani yogurt cups had made them ill. Chobani has not yet made an announcement.

Chobani, an American manufacturer of Greek-style yogurt, has asked certain supermarkets across the United States to remove some of its yogurt cups from shelves due to an issue with โ€œswelling or bloatingโ€ that may have been caused by mold. The company has not issued a formal recall, opting instead to voluntarily remove affected products over what it says are โ€œisolated quality concerns.โ€

According to Food Safety News, the move to pull products came on Friday after several complaints from customers who reported purchasing sour, foul-smelling Chobani products, which some claimed had sickened them. Chobani initially moved to privately remove the affected products from stores without disclosing to customers which specific products were flawed, but it has since identified products as those bearing the code 16-012, with expiration dates between 9/11/2013 and 10/7/2013.

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