Grand Theft Auto 5 Launch – Crazy Wacked Out Obsessed Fans Line Up at Midnight To Get the Hot Game

It cost Β£170 million to make and is set to pull in more than Β£1 billion in sales – so no wonder thousands of game fans queued until midnight to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto 5.

grand theft auto 5

Amazon has already sold out this morning. Experts estimate it could sell 25 million copies – breaking current records.

It has received rave reviews from reviewers across the board who have labelled it β€˜one of the very best video games ever made’, but also attracted criticism for its on screen violence despite its 18 age rating.

Mike Brookes, manager of Game in Walsall, had 500 fans at his door as the clock struck 12 and said staff had been preparing for months. β€œIt’s by far the biggest game launch we’ve ever done.”

β€œI’d say more than 1,000 people came through the shop during the night. ”

The game, which has been criticised in some quarters for its violent and sinister themes which see players stalk the streets of a virtual reality city armed with an arsenal of weapons, was selling for Β£44.99, or Β£59.99 for a β€˜special edition’.