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Police have confirmed a shooting spree in Garden City, NY., on Sept. 25. The shooting, which did not happen at the mall, but nearby, is now on lockdown as police search for the suspect. The man who is the alleged shooter has been identified as Sang Ho Kim.
Terrified shoppers fled for their lives when a gunman shot two people, killing one, at 645 South St. outside the Roosevelt Field Mall, in Long Island, NY., at around 10:50 A.M. The mall and local schools in Garden City are now on lockdown and streets near the mall are reportedly closed off.

Roosevelt Field Mall Shooting β€” Police Reveal Shooting Happened Next Door
Helicopters were flying overhead and dozens of police officers flocked to Roosevelt Field mall after a shooting began at Savenergy, a lighting company. It has been reported that two employees have been shot, one dead, according to NBC New York. The condition of how the other victim is doing is not known at this time.

β€œWe are holding all the students in the buildings at this time,” said Cindy Morris, secretary to Dr. Robert Feirsen, the superintendent of Garden City public schools. β€œWe are in lockout in all public schools in Garden City.”

Roosevelt Field Mall Shooting Suspect Description Released
The gunman has been described as a 6’2β€³ Asian man named, Sang Ho Kim, and police say that they do not believe he is a random shooting spree, but could be still armed and dangerous.

and is a former employee of Safe Energy which is next door to the mall. He is said to be between 6’0β€³ and 6’3β€³ feet tall, and is wearing a brown or gray suit jacket. The registration on his white Honda Pilot, is FMA 3648.

Dozens of police are searching for the shooter near the scene with guns drawn. Shoppers are not being allowed out or into the mall at this time.

Also, local shoppers and residents are incredibly worried and rightfully scared.

β€œThis is terrifying,” a shopper, Nancy Petrillo, told News Day. β€œAfter what happened in Kenya, everyone is already on edge.”

This mall is about 30 minutes from New York City, in the affluent community of Garden, City, NY. All My Children star, Susan Lucci, has a house nearby in the area.

The mall is quite large, it has 270 speciality stores.

The incident is definitely a scary one, given everything going on all over the world.