Life On Earth Will Be Obliterated By The Heat Of The Sun (1.75 To 3.25 Billion Years From Now)

Life on Earth will be obliterated by the heat of the sun (1.75 to 3.25 billion years from now)

The Earth will stay livable for another 1.75 to 3.25 billion years before ”a catastrophic and terminal extinction event for all life,” according to a new study.
After that, the planet will be in the Sun’s β€œhot zone” β€” meaning surface water would β€œevaporate.”
The study was published in the journal Astrobiology by astrobiologists at the University of East Anglia.
β€œWe used stellar evolution models to estimate the end of a planet’s habitable lifetime by determining when it will no longer be in the habitable zone. We estimate that Earth will cease to be habitable somewhere between 1.75 and 3.25 billion years from now,” Andrew Rushby, from UEA’s school of Environmental Sciences and the leader of the research said on the UEA website. ”After this point, Earth will be in the β€˜hot zone’ of the sun, with temperatures so high that the seas would evaporate. We would see a catastrophic and terminal extinction event for all life. (AP Photo/NASA)