VIDEO: Full LULZY Debate New Jersey U.S. Senate: TeaParty Steve Lonegan vs Cory Booker

In the second and final New Jersey Senate debate Wednesday night, Steve Lonegan heightened attacks against Cory Booker (a β€œHollywood stand-in”), the city where he serves as mayor (a β€œbig black hole”), and his most prominent backer, President Obama (a β€œtyrant”). stevelonegan

Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota and the Republican candidate in next week’s special election, described Newark, where Booker has been mayor since 2006, as an economic β€œblack hole” for β€œrural and suburban taxpayers.” The city, New Jersey’s largest, is so ridden with crime, said Lonegan, that dead bodies prevent residents from swimming in the Passaic River.
β€œYou may not be able to swim in that river, I think, probably because of all the bodies floating around from shootings in the city,” said Lonegan, provoking an audible reaction from the audience at Rowan University.
β€œOh my god, oh my god,” said Booker. β€œThis is what he thinks of our cities β€” that there are bodies floating in city. How insulting is that to the people of the city and others working together? This is insulting.”