New study: Iraq War death toll near 500,000

New study- Iraq War death toll near 500,000

A new study โ€” a collaboration of researchers in the U.S., Canada and Iraq โ€” estimates 500,000 people have died in the Iraq War.

The study appeared in the journal PLoS Medicine.

The study โ€ฆ included a survey of 2,000 Iraqi households in 100 geographic regions in Iraq. Researchers used two surveys, one involving the household and another asking residents about their siblings, in an attempt to demonstrate the accuracy of the data they were collecting. Using data from these surveys, researchers estimated 405,000 deaths, with another 55,800 projected deaths from the extensive migration in and emigration from Iraq occurring as a result of the war.

The researchers estimated that 60 percent of the deaths were violent, with the remaining 40 percent occurring because of the health-infrastructure issues that arose as a result of the invasion โ€” a point they emphasized in discussing their research, since the figure is higher than those found in previous studies.

Researchers critical of earlier studies have praised the new study for improvements in the methods but said there was still something lacking, Al Jazeera America reports.

Photo: Iraqis bury the dead in a cemetery in Fallujah on Sept. 15, 2010. (Azhar Shallal / AFP/Getty Images)

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