Shots Fired at LAX Los Angeles Airport Checkpoint – TSA AGENT Killed – Multiple Injuries, Suspect was Shot

BREAKING: Shots Fired at LAX Los Angeles Airport – TSA Agent Killed

Suspect 23, Paul Ciancia was shot, in custody.

7 People shot in total

A “ground stop” has been issued for planes scheduled to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration said Friday. A ground stop means flights destined for the affected airport are held at their departure point, according to the FAA.

Parts of Los Angeles International Airport were being evacuated Friday morning after reports of shots being fired there, police said.

Airport officials said a police incident began about 9:30 a.m. at Terminal 3 at LAX, airport spokeswoman Nancy Suey Castles said.

Passenger Robert Perez, who was getting ready to fly Virgin Air, was taking a nap in the terminal when panic erupted.

“I heard a popping sound, and everybody was diving for cover,” Perez told the station. “The TSA said there was a shooting in the terminal and evacuate the building.”

At least 100 people came down a staircase. “Everybody started to panic,” Perez said.

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