[VIDEO] Colbert Blows Up 60 Minutes Benghazi Report With Help Of Poncho DeNews CBS Inter For Real Yo!

 Colbert Blows Up 60 Minutes For Real Yo! Benghazi Report with Exclusive Leak From CBS Inter

Determined to get to the bottom of what happened with 60 Minutes’ erroneous Benghazi report, Stephen Colbert happened upon a theory that perfectly fit his preconceived notions. During extensive coverage of the story Monday night, the host became convinced that the original piece was accurate but someone had forced CBS News to air the correction. β€œThere’s only one logical explanation for what really happened here,” Colbert said. β€œHillary Clinton got to them!”

To help give credibility to his premise, Colbert tracked down an eyewitness to reveal how CBS News decided to issue its apology Sunday night. The host’s exclusive interview with a 60 Minutes intern who would only identify himself with the alias β€œPancho Denews.” The witness recounted how, as he was returning from picking up chewing tobacco for Lesley Stahl, he heard β€œexplosions of shouting.”

The rest of the story confirmed Colbert’s suspicions, as Denews described how Hillary Clinton β€œand her band of thugs” entered the newsroom, swinging bike chains and threatening to kill the Benghazi story. And that was before the former secretary of state β€œpistol-whipped” Morley Safer.

But the biggest surprise of all came when Denews revealed himself to be, not actor Sam Waterston as you may have expected, but ACN’s Charlie Skinner from the β€œHBO documentary The Newsroom.” In true Aaron Sorkin-fashion, Skinner tricked Colbert to β€œprove a point, that as journalists we are the gatekeepers of truth.”

Colbert ended the segment with a Lara Logan-style correction, blaming everyone but himself for the egregious mistake.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central: