Obamacare October Enrollment Numbers Are Out

Breakdown: 846,852 completed apps, 98% of apps processed, 396,261 are on Medicaid, 106,185 on private insurance.

Hereโ€™s the quick summary:

According to HHS calculations, 846,852 people have used the site to complete applications. That means they have created accounts and submitted information to see whether they are eligible for federal programs or tax credits. Those applications include people applying for households with multiple members. In total, it represents 1,509,883 people. The federal government has processed applications for the vast majority of themโ€”98 percent, or 1,477,853 people. Of those, about a third have actually selected a health plan or been deemed eligible for a program like Medicaid. Thatโ€™s 502,466.

How does that half million break down? About four out of five (396,261) are in Medicaid. The rest (106,185) of tem have picked private insurance plans. These numbers include both those who enrolled through the website that the federal government is maintaining (healthcare.gov) and those who enrolled through sites that states like California, Kentucky, and Connecticut are running on their own. The majority (three-fourths) of the people getting private insurance have done so through state sites. Just a quarter, or 26,794, have enrolled through the federal site.

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