Rob Ford stripped of powers in council vote

Rob Ford stripped of powers in council vote

39-3 vote removes mayor’s ability to appoint committee chairs, deputy mayor

Toronto city council has voted 39-3 to remove Mayor Rob Ford’s power to hire and fire the deputy mayor and appoint members of his executive committee.

The vote Friday means Ford, a mayor mired in scandal, will continue his last 11 months as mayor with severely limited powers.

On Monday, Ford stands to suffer another blow, when council will consider a motion at a special meeting that would reduce his staff and office budget to that of a standard city councillor.

A majority of councillors has already formally urged Ford to take a leave of absence amid a drug scandal, though some council members are now calling for the mayorโ€™s outright resignation.

For two weeks straight, Ford has made news almost on a daily basis with a rolling series of admissions, apologies and responses to new developments.