Sandy Hook Report Released and Posted Here – Learn What they found at the Shooters House

Sandy Hook Report Released and Posted Below:

Follow this link to download the State’s Attorney’s Report – PDF File

The report, released at 3 p.m. ET, said that police arrived on the scene fewer than 4 minutes after the first 911 call and that the shooter, identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, killed himself one minute later.
“In fewer than 11 minutes twenty first-grade pupils and six adults had lost their lives,” it said.
The report was further expected to provide a summary of the almost yearlong investigation of the December 14, 2012, shooting that left 26 people dead, including 20 children.

Follow this link to download the State’s Attorney’s Report – PDF File

Numerous video games were located in the basement computer/gaming area of the shooters home. The list of video
games includes, but is not limited to:

-“Left for Dead”
-“Metal Gear Solid”
-“Dead Rising”
-“Half Life”
-“Call of Duty”
-“Grand Theft Auto”
-“Shin Megami Tensei”
-“Dynasty Warriors”
-“Vice City”
-“Team Fortress”

Other items found and noted for this report are:
– A Christmas check from the mother to the shooter to purchase a CZ 83 firearm;

– A New York Times article from February 18, 2008, regarding the school shooting at
Northern Illinois University;
– Three photographs of what appear to be a dead human, covered in blood and wrapped in
– The book Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy, Jossey-Bass, 2007, by
Donald B. Kraybill, Steven Nolt and David Weaver-Zercher;
– Photocopied newspaper articles pertaining to the shooting of school children

The review of the electronic evidence also found many things that are on a typical hard drive or
memory card that would probably have no relevance to the investigation either because of
creation date or subject matter. That being said, the following selected topics or items were
found within the digital evidence seized:
– Bookmarks pertaining to firearms, military, politics, mass murder, video games, music,
books, Army Ranger, computers and programs, ammunition, candy, economic books
– Web page design folders
– Two videos showing suicide by gunshot
– Commercial movies depicting mass shootings
– The computer game titled “School Shooting” where the player controls a character who
enters a school and shoots at students
– Screen shots (172) of the online game “Combat Arms”
– “Dance Dance Revolution” (DDR) game screen shots
– Videos of shooter playing DDR
– Images of the shooter holding a handgun to his head
– Images of the shooter holding a rifle to his head
– Five-second video (dramatization) depicting children being shot
– Images of shooter with a rifle, shotgun and numerous magazines in his pockets
– Documents on weapons and magazine capacity