YouTube faces backlash for Google+ integration

YouTube commenters are not known for keeping their opinions to themselves.
Angry users of the Google-owned video site are revolting online against YouTube’s new commenting system, which requires everyone to connect their current account to a Google+ account in order to leave a comment on a video. The system was announced in September and fully rolled out on Tuesday.
More than 30,000 people have left comments on the original YouTube blog post announcing the switch. Most are angry complaints and, in classic YouTube form, include obscenities, fights and ASCII drawings of phalluses.
There are also multiple petitions asking YouTube to revert to the old commenting system. The most popular petition has more than 50,000 supporters and it was the most active petition on the site Friday.
“Comments were the No. 1 reason why I checked my YouTube account daily. Now that desire is gone,” says the top comment on the petition, left by someone calling themselves James Gandolfini.
The biggest issue with the change is that Google+ encourages people to use their real names, and some YouTube commenters prefer being anonymous.
“Making it incredibly difficult to have a username other than my actual name, and being forced to display it to the world is also a huge problem I have with this new setup,” said Dustin Wilson on another petition on the subject.

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