[AUDIO] Newtown 911 Calls Released Here

The first frantic call comes from the school secretary inside the main building.
“Sandy Hook school,” she says. “I think there’s somebody shooting in here. In Sandy Hook school.”
“OK, what makes you think that?” the dispatcher asks.
“Because somebody has a gun. I saw a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway.”
“OK …”
“They’re still running, they’re still shooting,” the caller exclaims. “Sandy Hook school please!”
Audio recordings of 911 calls released Wednesday — nearly one year after the second-deadliest shooting in U.S. history — offered a glimpse into the horror that day last December at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The recording also revealed the composure of the 911 dispatchers who received the first calls for help.
Town dispatchers are heard calmly responding to tense calls from school staff. Dispatchers assure them help is on the way and ask about the children. Staff members are told to stay inside the school and to take cover. Gunfire is heard in at least two of the calls.

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