NSA documentary “More Bullshit” From CBS – Watch the 60 Minutes Video

A CBS documentary on the inner workings of the NSA has prompted condemnation for its “one-sided” portrayal of the spy agency. Spy chiefs denied allegations they snooped on American citizens and claimed they only spied on foreigners.

During the program entitled ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent John Miller – a former NSA employee – explores the headquarters of the NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland, interviewing employees who have previously never spoken to the press. At the beginning of the show, Miller explains the NSA often stands for “never say anything”, but promises the agency has “broken with tradition” to dispel allegations the US is spying on its own citizens.

The new installment of ‘60 minutes’ triggered a flurry of criticism on social media following its airing on Sunday night. Internet commentators accused CBS of propagating a one-sided image of the national spy agency. In addition, journalist and whistleblower, Glen Greenwald, who was handed security leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, spoke out on Twitter, calling the show “way beyond self-parody”.