The Rednecks Strike Back! Will A&E Show Backbone and Cancel Show?

‘Duck Dynasty’ family stands by suspended patriarch Phil Robertson over controversial remarks he made about gays and blacks in a magazine interview. The Rednecks Strike Back! The family now says they won’t go back to work without the racist dad. So will A&E show backbone and class and cancel Show? Let’s see (probably not money is king right?).

Right now the right wing news media and pundits and even politicians like Bobby Jindal are getting all their ducks in a row getting behind with huge support for the ‘Christian Values’ that A&E has “attacked”. Fox is even saying and I quote from their website: “A&E declares war on ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Christian values”. LOL Now that’s rich. Read the article in GQ. It’s hate. You can wrap it in religion if it makes your hate feel better conservatives.

Here is some video from CNN about this ongoing drama about nothing.