[VIDEO] Wiretaps: Criminal suspects claimed Rob Ford tried to buy CRACK COCAINE video

More Trouble for Rob Ford. Watch the 360 Report.

Documents: Criminal suspects claimed Rob Ford tried to buy damaging video

Here are some of the highlights:

— Mohamed Siad, a man identified as the alleged crack video’s owner, discussed selling a “tape” and mentioned Ford offering “5,000 and a car.” Police believe the March 27 conversation referred to the mayor’s attempt to buy a video.

— In that same conversation, Siad said he would “ask for 150,” which police believe means he would ask Ford for $150,000 in exchange for the video.

— Siad expressed fears for his safety after reports of the alleged video were published. Another man talked of kidnapping Siad over the video and threatening to kill him.

— Alleged gang members suggested they could use images they had of Ford using drugs for blackmail.

— At least one alleged gang member said he had received marijuana from Ford’s friend and occasional driver, Alexander (Sandro) Lisi, in exchange for the mayor’s lost phone. He is now facing drug and extortion charges.