[AUDIO] LISTEN Newtown Gunman Reportedly Called Radio Show About Mass Shootings

LISTEN: Newtown Gunman Reportedly Called Radio Show About Mass Shootings

The New York Daily News has acquired a tape of a call-in to an Oregon radio show that they believe is a recording of Adam Lanza, the Newtown shooter, discussing mass shootings.

The call was to the show “Anarchy Radio,” hosted John Zerzan in Eugene, in December of 2011, one year before Lanza opened fire in a Sandy Hook elementary school. During the call Lanza described “Travis,” a domesticated chimp who attacked a woman in Connecticut in 2009, nearly killing her. Lanza said that the act of civilizing Travis had made him “sick,” and that his unexpected assault was comparable to human outbursts, like mall shootings.

“His attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence that you bring up on your show every week, committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation for,” Landa said. “I just don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that he very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that.”

Lanza took pains to distort his voice, speaking robotically at times, but the Daily News said it received confirmation from Lanza’s classmates that the disguised voice is his. Authorities involved with the investigation into the Newtown shootings confirmed that Lanza had called a radio show, but did not confirm whether it is Landa’s voice on the recording.

Listen to the call below, via NYDN: