[VIDEO] Meet Bridget Anne Kelly, Bitchface Meme, Gov. Christie Top Aide, Now Unemployed

Chris Christie fired her, but why didn’t he talk to Bridget Anne Kelly before firing her to simply ask her: “who else in the office knew about this”, but he didn’t.

Now Bridget Anne Kelly is unemployed.

Bridget Anne Kelly, 41 — fired Thursday by Christie for repeatedly lying about her political payback plan — was described by neighbors as a “typical suburban mom” who sends her four kids, ages 17, 14, 10 and 7, to Catholic schools.

Kelly was outed as the source of the email ordering the partial shutdown of the George Washington Bridge.

Kelly brings us the best new meme: BITCHFACE – The Fall Girl who wrote “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Kelly wrote in her now infamous Aug. 13 e-mail that signaled the go-ahead for the massive, three-day lane closure plan that wrought havoc on the GWB. Well we don’t like traffic Bridget Anne Kelly AKA Bitchface!

bitchface Bridget Anne Kelly