[VIDEOS] Jon Stewart skewers George Washington Bridge scandal as ‘third-rate’ by standard of N.J. corruption

Regular viewers of The Daily Show probably checked their watches when the emails emerged Wednesday implicating at least one member of the Christie administration in a scheme to close GWB lanes as political payback. Did the real news break early enough to make the fake news?

It sure did.

In a scathing opening segment, host Jon Stewart first attacks the scandal with feigned astonishment on a familiar Daily Show trajectory – plenty funny. But then Stewart takes his critique in a surprising direction: He’s ashamed that corruption in his home state has sunk to the level of snarling traffic for revenge.

“As a guy who grew up in New Jersey, I’m disappointed, ashamed of the state I grew up in. Political payback through traffic congestion? To see New Jersey sink to such a piss-poor, third-rate quality of corruption….This is New Jersey! A state renowned for its piss-rich, first-rate corruption.” He then recounted, with the help of his audience chanting “New Jersey,” a litany of real and fictional (but mostly real) tales of the Garden State’s best worst cases: Abscam, David Friedland, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire. The finale – the political-bribery-to-organ-dealing odyssey of the Solomon Dwek scandal.

Of course, it’s impossible to do the bit justice in narrative. Play the video above for the first two-plus minutes of the bit. The video below is the last six-plus minutes.