Maddow Exposes Christie’s Likely Fingerprints On Bridge Shutdown – Why That Day?!! Shocker!!

The one question that many of us who have seen the shutdown bridge story as a strange unfolding of events have been asking ourselves – why attack the mayor when so many other Democrats weren’t attacked. Why that particular one? Why that particular target? Why, more importantly, on THAT PARTICULAR DAY?

Rachel Maddow opens a can of evidence to suggest that not only was it likely Christie had his hand in the bridge attack on the town of Fort Lee, but it was for an entirely different reason that is currently being talked about. That is has absolutely NOTHING to do with the mayor, but more to do with the Democratic leader of the Senate who’s district is, in fact, Fort Lee.

For the story in print, click here — the video above should give you an idea of what Rachel thinks may be the real reason to give the case a second look as to how high the decision to shut the bridge down goes.

And it sounds like Christie’s fingerprints are all over it.