Mark ‘Coonrippy’ Brown Runs For Governor To Get His Seized Raccoon Rebekah Back

An Internet legend entered the Tennessee gubernatorial race in an effort to get back his pet raccoon, who was seized by authorities last year.

Mark ‘Coonrippy’ Brown, 55, stole the Internet’s heart after videos of him showering with his pet raccoon, Rebekah, went viral on YouTube. Since July, he’s been fighting to regain custody after wildlife officials went to his home in Gallatin and confiscated her.

He feels that his best chance to get Rebekah back is to challenge incumbent Gov. Bill Haslam in the Republican primary in August, the Gallatin News Examiner reports.

Brown’s latest move follows two unsuccessful attempts to get his raccoon back. His letter requesting a permit from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency went unanswered, and a petition to Haslam with more than 60,000 signatures was reportedly never opened.

“Governor Haslam ignored the cries from the entire United States,” Brown told the paper.


He just want his Rebekah back!