New VIDEO Of Asiana Airlines Crash Victim Casts Doubt On Officials’ Claims

“There’s a body right there, right in front of you,” a firefighter says, directing a truck around a teenage girl lying on the tarmac before she was later run over and killed.

Newly-surfaced firefighter video taken after the Asiana Airlines crash landing at San Francisco International Airport last summer shows officials responding to the scene warned each other not to run over a girl lying on the tarmac near the burning plane.
CBS News said Tuesday it had obtained the helmet cam footage from a source close to 16-year-old victim Ye Meng Yuan, who survived the plane crash but was later run over twice and killed by responding fire trucks.
The new video appears to contradict officials who earlier said Ye was accidentally killed by firefighters because she was hidden by foam.
“There’s a body right there, right in front of you,” a firefighter says on the video, directing a truck around Ye, who was alive at that point. Fifteen minutes after the warning, the fire truck ran over the girl.
Three people died in the crash and 304 others survived after the airliner slammed into a seawall at the end of a runway during final approach for landing.