NFL has concerns about Esquire Network’s ‘Friday Night Tykes’ series

NFL has concerns about Esquire Network's 'Friday Night Tykes' series

One coach tells his players, “rip their freaking heads off and let them bleed.” Another coach smacks a player in the head while telling him, “don’t give me that soft crap.”


This is the Esquire Network’s new show “Friday Night Tykes,” a documentary about the Texas Youth Football Assn., whose players are under the age of 10.

The coaches say things that might make even Mike Ditka cringe. “I don’t care how much pain you’re in, you don’t quit,” one crying kid is told by his coach. Besides screaming coaches, the preview clip also shows several helmet-to-helmet collisions.


“The trailer is definitely troubling to watch,” an NFL spokesman said, adding that the league being shown in “Friday Night Tykes” is not part of its Heads Up Football Program, which seeks to improve player safety in youth football.


Source: LA Times

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