NY Post Cover Of Murdered Jewish ‘Slumlord’ Gets Huge Blowback

NY posts Sunday cover, which features the murdered Hasidic Jewish Brooklyn real estate developer Menachem Stark, has sparked outrage and disgust in the Jewish community and beyond.

Stark was kidnapped outside his real estate office on Thursday by two men who drove away with him in a silver minivan. The Brooklyn-based real estate developer was later found murdered and burned in a Long Island gas station dumpster on Friday afternoon.

As Reddit commenter Oldmanshoutingatsky explained on a forum page about the murder, the crime was well-timed. The kidnapping was done the night going into Shabbos, a traditional Jewish day of rest when followers turn off cell phones, refrain from work, and generally remain out of reach. It was also the night Winter Storm Hercules pounded New York with snow. Response time couldnโ€™t be slower.

What do you think of this cover? You can read the NY POST ARTICLE HERE

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