Monster Storm: Get Ready For Winter Storm Janus

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Winter Storm Janus is poised to pack a massive punch in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and New England with as much as a foot of snow in some parts of the Northeast.

β€œIt’s a major winter storm for the northeast,” said The Weather Channel’s winter weather expert Tom Niziol. “This is truly a nor’easter.”

Janus will be short-lived, moving off the coast sometime Wednesday, but it will bring heavy snow, frigid temperatures and bitter winds that will disrupt travel and regular life for 56 million people in the Northeast corridor.

“By noontime, this snowstorm is definitely into Washington D.C.,” said The Weather Channel meteorologist Stephanie Abrams. “By the rush hour drive it’ll be into Connecticut, New Jersey, New York. Just leave early and know it’s going to be a mess.”

At least 2,000 flights are canceled Tuesday morning in the U.S. and more than 200 are delayed, according to

“Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C … everybody’s shutting down,” said The Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore, reporting from Washington D.C. “What I’m worried about is the fact we have a lot of mass transit still running now. If just one of those buses jack-knives on the road and you have a massive problem and backups with snow removal, which is going to be a big deal here.”

β€œit’s a two-pronged system. Not only are we getting the hard-hit snow but bitterly cold wind chills,” said Cantore. “Brutal, brutal winter weather here today.”

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