Neighbours heard screams on night Pistorius killed Reeva

Neighbours heard screams IN BETWEEN gunshots on night Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend, according to leaked witness statementsNeighbours heard screams in between gunfire on the night Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend, court documents claim.

A final volley of shots ‘extinguished’ the screams, according to leaked witness statements.

If true, they indicate that Pistorius knew who he was shooting – destroying his claim to have mistaken Reeva Steenkamp for a burglar.

Prosecution documents claim the 27-year-old reassured security guards that everything was ‘fine’ at his home after he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

The security team at Pistorius’ private Pretoria housing estate reportedly telephoned his home after they heard of gunfire coming from the house.

But rather than report Reeva’s death – which the disabled athlete claims was an accident – Pistorius allegedly told the guards that everything was ‘fine’.

He reportedly never asked for their help and did not report the Valentine’s Day shooting to them.

The claims are made in a prosecution information document given to Pistorius’ defence team but leaked to South African news television channel eNCA.

More details from the document have been revealed by the South African radio news service EyeWitness News.


The 13 witness allegations that state prosecutors will reportedly present in the murder trial next month.

1. Witnesses heard ‘talking like fighting’ and a woman constantly speaking in a tone that suggested an argument, which stopped after the shots were fired.

2. Two witnesses heard a woman scream before shots were fired.

3. Two other witnesses heard shots and then a woman scream, followed by more shots.

4. Pistorius’s online activity at home undermines the picture of a loving couple spending time together. On Valentine’s Day.

5. The number of shots, their grouping and their trajectory indicate Pistoritus intended to kill the person behind the closed bathroom door.

6. The position and condition of the gun in the bathroom.

7. Pistorius got a gun and shot through the closed door without finding out who was behind it or whether or not he was in danger.

8. Steenkamp was clothed when she was shot.

9. Steenkamp was standing upright facing the door when she was shot.

10. Steenkamp had something to eat hours before she was killed.

11. The presence of the cellphones in the bathroom militates against a version that Steenkamp innocently went to the toilet at the time.

12. The fact and the way in which Pistorius broke down the toilet door.

13. Pistorius’s version ‘is not reasonably possibly true and it is our case that if rejected by the court the objective facts will prove the murder with direct intent of the deceased’.

The radio news service disclosed how police plan to rely on the athlete’s Internet browsing history to prove he intended to kill his model girlfriend.

Pistorius’ website activity on the night Reeva died, the document reportedly claims, ‘is in direct contrast to that of a loving couple spending time together’.

It comes as South African prosecutors who charged the Olympian with murder have admitted he may not have had his prosthetic legs on when he fired the shots that killed his girlfriend, removing the key argument the shooting was premeditated.

Pistorius, who goes on trial on March 3, denies the charge of murder and claims he mistook his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp for an intruder when he fired a number of bullets through his bathroom door, killing her instantly.

Steenkamp, a South African model, was 29.

But documents obtained by South African television news channel eNCA revealed the state’s own ballistics expert said the 27-year-old was ‘most likely’ on his stumps when he pulled the trigger repeatedly.

During an extensive bail hearing, prosecutors argued Pistorius took time to put on his prostheses before firing the shots through the locked bathroom door, indicating he was not panicked by the prospect of an intruder.