Old Man Run Over Road Rage VIDEO Las Vegas Nevada Gas Station

Police are investigating an apparent road rage incident at a Las Vegas, Nev., gas station that left an elderly man with severe leg injuries after he was run over in front of horrified witnesses.

Las Vegas police are seeking the driver of a gray Honda who is accused of attempted murder after surveillance video captured him hitting the older man and running him over.

Police released the video, which shows the older man drive into the station lot and narrowly swerve to avoid collision with the suspect’s car, which had pulled in front of him.

The footage then shows the alleged attacker’s car running over the man as he was walking from the gas pumps to the store.

“I heard someone screaming. When I turned around the only thing I could see is California plates and a silver car running away,” gas station employee Sheyla Rodriguez said. “There were a lot of people outside. He didn’t try to stop, nothing, he didn’t care.”

Police say the car’s license plate begins with “6C” and the suspect is a white male in his 30s wearing a grey hoodie.