“SOUL DESTROYING FAILURE” Russian hockey team eliminated

Poor Putin. Hockey, the one sport Russia once claimed world dominance, is out of the Olympics in front of their home fans. It’s been called by the Russian’s a “SOUL DESTROYING FAILURE”. Note: Nobody has seen the goalie since the huge loss.

The Russians dutifully shook the Finns’ hands and then skated to the center of a rink built to showcase their return to hockey dominance. When they raised their sticks in a mournful salute, they got more whistles than cheers from their devastated fans.

Alex Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk and their teammates had nursed dreams about this week for several years.

They were all dashed in 60 frustrating minutes.

Russia crashed out of the Olympics in the quarterfinals Wednesday with a 3-1 loss to Finland, extending a historic hockey nation’s gold-medal drought past 22 years and putting an enormous damper on the final days of the Sochi Games.

OH well, maybe when you get the Olympics next time Putin, like in NEVER.