Liberal Blogger Pioneer Bartcop Dies

Bartcop, who was one of the original (and best) liberal bloggers, died yesterday.

This is the end of an era. Bartcop, one of the original liberal bloggers, died this morning of flu, pneumonia and leukemia. He inspired many of us, and left a legacy of hard hitting yet humorous funny as hell attacks on Republicans. I’m still stunned by the news, but the one thing that sticks out is, he was the first (and maybe the best) blogger for running Photoshop memes.

God, I loved him.

Here’s his last post:

Since you’re reading this, I’m either gone or I’m too sick to get to my computer.
I’d like to thank everyone for reading, especially the pillars who allowed me to quit working at that little car lot and turn my rage on the illegal Bush thugs full time.

But I have a favor to ask and it’s a big one. I left Mrs Bart with a mortgage that she can’t handle by herself.

When the doctors told me I wasn’t going to reach old age, my first thoughts were worry about Mrs Bart and how she was going to make it without me and my income.

You know me, I’m a gambler to the end, so when Bartcop Manor flooded in 2004, I/we gambled that I’d live long enough to get the house paid off, or at least paid down to where she could see the end of the payments. Since you’re reading this, it means I lost that gamble.

So I’m asking you this hueueuege favor – would you keep your subscription going?

I know it’s a lot to ask, but the thought of her having to sell Casa de Bart for a loss and move into some smaller place is something too sad to think about.

If you’re thinking it makes no sense to keep the subscription going, what if you kept it going long enough to read thru the back pages one more time?

I hope your last memory of me isn’t one of “greedy bastard,” but I’ve got this problem (or used to have ๐Ÿ™‚ that I don’t know how to fix.

So if you can help her out, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the life you gave me,

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