Missing Malaysian flight: Two of 227 passengers were using stolen passports

An extraordinary story has just emerged from Italy in relation to missing flight MH 370.

Luigi Maraldi, 37, from Cesena, was named as one of the passengers on board the plane.

However, reports in Italy have confirmed that he was NOT on board and that he had reported his passport stolen last August.

Mr Maraldi’s parents have spoken to him in Thailand and he is ‘fine’, news agency ANSA reports.

The revelation suggests that one of the 227 passengers on board the missing flight was using a stolen passport.

The second passenger on the flight using a stolen passport was not Austrian Christan Kozel, aged 30, who has been confirmed as safe and well by authorities.

He said his passport was stolen when he visited Thailand two years ago, Austrian newspaper De Standard reports.

Manifest for Flight MH370

153 Chinese
38 Malaysians
7 Indonesians
6 Australians
5 Indians
4 French
3 Americans
2 each from New Zealand, Ukraine and Canada
One each from Russia, Taiwan, Italy, Netherlands and Austria (although both Italy and Austria deny any of their nationals were onboard)

Source: Malaysia Airlines