Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says He’s Attending the Oscars

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Toronto mayor Rob Ford — whose admission to smoking crack cocaine, among other antics, has transformed him into international tabloid fodder — says that he’s going to make an appearance at the Academy Awards on Sunday.
“I am going to the Oscars. It’s going to be fun,” was the brief quote he gave his local metropolitan paper, the Toronto Sun, before reportedly boarding a Los Angeles-bound flight.
He also told the Toronto Sun that he would be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC late night show on Monday. “We are actually going to be meeting Jimmy on Sunday,” the mayor added.
On Saturday evening, a rep for Jimmy Kimmel Live! released photos of the host picking up Ford from LAX, with the caption “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had a special chauffeur at LAX this evening.” The rep confirmed Ford will appear on the show Monday.