[VIDEO] Michigan’s ‘Rape Insurance’ Law Limiting Abortion Coverage Takes Effect

Rachel Maddow was dismayed on Wednesday by new Michigan legislation that opponents call the “rape insurance” law.

The legislation, passed in December, makes it illegal for insurance plans to cover abortion. Instead, women now have to purchase riders to their insurance in order to obtain coverage for abortion services. The law goes into effect Thursday.

Maddow was outraged. “Your insurance cannot even cover you getting an abortion if you got pregnant because you were raped,” she said. “That’s why the law’s opponents are calling it the ‘rape insurance’ bill. No one plans on having an unplanned pregnancy, but if you want to make sure your abortion is covered in case you get raped, you now have to buy special stand-alone coverage for that in Michigan.”

She pointed out that women will not have insurance for abortion “unless you thought ahead and bought special coverage just for that. As if lots of people plan ahead for unplanned pregnancies.”

“Michigan, you are amazing,” Maddow added. “I continue to maintain that over the last few years, Michigan state government has become way more insane than anyone nationally gives them credit for.”