Matthews: Sterling Is Worst Case of Self-Destruction Since Romney & Nixon

Watch video below Chris Matthews on Sterling Is Worst Case of Self-Destruction Since Romney and Nixon, via MSNBC:

After a week-long trip to China, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was back in his seat on Hardball Monday evening, diving head first into the controversy over racist remarks by L.A. Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling that were recently caught on tape. Matthews attempted to show how Sterling’s debacle fit into a historical context that includes Mitt Romney and former President Richard Nixon.

Matthews began by summing up Sterling’s relationships with minorities as based on “usefulness,” whether it was his primarily black players making him money or his girlfriend offering him “lovely, accommodating companionship.”

“Tonight, we look at how and why this man, Donald Sterling, billionaire owner of the L.A. Clippers, got himself tape recorded in the worst such case of verbal self-destruction since Mitt Romney’s 47% debacle,” Matthews continued. “Or going back further, to Richard Nixon.” The host was referring, of course, to Romney’s assertion that 47% of Americans are ““dependent” on government along with Nixon’s incriminating White House recordings leading up to the Watergate scandal.

“Is Donald Sterling dead as an NBA owner?” Matthews asked.