Jon Stewart Fires Back at Hannity’s ‘Word Turds’: ‘My God, You’re the Arby’s of News’

Jon Stewart took on Sean Hannity Monday night for his Bundy ranch coverage, Hannity shot back last night calling Stewart a “hack” who appears to be “obsessed” with him, and Stewart responded tonight to Hannity’s “word turds.”

Stewart took on Hannity’s “proportionality” argument and said he’s a hypocrite on that issue. He conceded a point Hannity made about Stewart inviting fatwa supporter Cat Stevens to his Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, but turned the tables on him, played a rant by Hannity friend Ted Nugent, and said, “I’m just not sure you’re the best guy to make the guilt-by-musician association point.”

Stewart explained he’s only “obsessed” with Hannity “in the same way I am obsessed with anti-biotic super bugs” or Arby’s. Stewart cried, “My God, you’re the Arby’s of news!”

Or, on the flip side: “Arby’s: the Hannity of roast beef sandwiches.”